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Past Projects 

Our experience has enabled the successful execution of complex projects throughout British Columbia.

Past Projects

Big Bar Lake


A breathtaking,

One-of-a-Kind place to call home.

$339,000 PLUS GST

Sitting on the southern end of the Fraser Plateau, and formed out of a pre-historic volcanic environment, Big Bar Lake offers a picturesque landscape with stunning views. The area is teeming with roaming wildlife, has plentiful fishing, and then there’s the pristine 2 toned coloured, 5.5 kilometer long lake.


If you have visited Big Bar Lake before, then you have no doubt wanted to own a piece of it for yourself.

  • LOT 1
    SOLD $399,000 plus GST Lot 1 is 4.26 hectares (10.6 acres) and is located on the west side of the subdivision, and has Big Bar Lake Provincial Park for its west lot line. Lot 1 is approximately 98.76 meters wide (324 ft), but has more water frontage than that, as the lakeshore curves. The access is from Big Bar Lake Rd. The driveway and the lot both slope down towards the lake and then flattens off into benches, with the last grassy bench being right at the lake. Trails to the right and left lead to low bank water access. Trees are mainly Popular/Trembling Aspen and Pine, with a scattering of Spruce and Fir. This lot will only ever have one neighbour, as the park will be its neighbour to the west.
  • LOT 2
    SOLD $339,000 plus GST Lot 2 is 4.24 hectares and is approximately 86.887 meters wide, but has considerable more lake frontage as the shoreline goes out in a point, and offers beautiful views up and down the lake. The driveway and land both slope down from Big Bar Lake Rd. and end near the lakeshore in some beautiful benches. Got lots of friends and relatives? Build your cabin and then there is plenty of flat potential RV sites and a wide driveway for lots of parking. This is another very prime waterfront acreage, and a multitude of large and small trees provide privacy. This lot has at least 3 different potential building sites on various benches, all with gentle sloping lakeshore access.
  • LOT 3
    SOLD $379,000 plus GST Lot 3 (11.6 acres) has a grassy bench projecting out to the edge of the lake and provides easy to take views of the beautiful two-toned colours of the clean waters of Big Bar Lake. This acreage also has a 592 sq foot insulated metal clad shop on it, with a 12 x 14-foot overhead door facing east. Lot 3 is 88.95 meters wide (291.8 ft), but probably has close to 450 ft of water frontage due to the curving nature of the shoreline. From the overlook and the potential house site, a gentle trail to the left, and a steeper trail to the right, both lead down to the water. This lot has it all; flat areas, an awesome viewpoint, plus a low bank area right down along the water. Come and see, you won’t be disappointed. Lot 3 also has enough Spruce trees on it for logs/lumber to build with.
  • LOT 4
    SOLD $299,000 plus GST Lot 4 is (11.4 acres) the driveway for this lot comes off the end of Sharptail Rd and ends at a grassy potential building site that overlooks the lake. Trails down to the right and the left lead down to the water from the overlook. At 61.93 meters wide, it has the least amount of water frontage of all the lots, but, it is adjacent to the 40-meter wide mandatory dedicated public lake access, which 5 will be left in its natural state by this development. This 40-meter strip will most likely never be developed as access, as Big Bar Lake has multiple excellent lake access points already, and the government restricts itself on what could be done to this 40-meter strip. So, these 40 meters should add to the privacy of lot 4. Lot 4 also has enough Spruce trees on it for logs/lumber to build with. Quite a large area on lot 4 was cleaned of bug killed wood, and reseeded with a grass seed mix, so lot 4 has a nice open-air feeling to it. Some of the gravel used on the Sharptail rd extension and on some of the driveways came from lot 4 near the Big Bar Lake rd.
  • LOT 5
    SOLD $339,000 plus GST (9.9 acres) Lot 5 is 107.63 meters(353 ft) wide with a lovely treed bench and potential building spot, just back from and above the water. Access to the water is a gentle slope. Plenty of shade for those hot summer days, and very private. Lots of room when friends and relatives would come to visit. Lot 5 also has a higher large treed bench set back from the lake, that provides a view over the lake and surrounding areas. More trees could be removed to improve the view. It would be perhaps your most difficult decision, deciding where to build. Lot 5 is the 2nd lowest lot to the water.
  • LOT 6
    SOLD $339,000 plus GST (10.5 acres) Lot 6 is the lowest lot to the water, and it has some semi cleared areas on it from 10-12 years ago. Like lot 5, it offers both lakeside and higher setback potential building spots for you to choose from. At 107 meters(350 ft) wide it has a grassy bench going right to the water, complete with many spruce trees for shade. There are gravel deposits on this lot.
  • LOT 7
    SOLD $139,000 plus GST (10.3 acres) Lot 7 is accessed from Big Bar Lake rd and has a lovely grassy bench extending from Big Bar Lake road to an overlook which is a potential building site. From this site, there is a tiny view of Big Bar Lake, and this view is larger when the leaves are off in the winter. This view could be improved with some tree cutting. This acreage is mostly flat and gently sloping land that benches down once. The view to the south of the Marble Range Mountains could be enhanced by topping some trees. Just topping the trees ensures they would still provide privacy from Big Bar Lake Rd.
  • LOT 8
    SOLD $119,000 plus GST (11.0 acres) Lot 8’s cleared suggested building site is accessed from Sharptail Rd and consists of a hideaway in the trees. More trees could be cleared for a view of the Marble Range Mountains. Lot 8 gently slopes down from south to north and has a mix of Pine and Poplar trees. The southeast portion of this lot dips down into a swale that has large Poplar/Trembling Aspen and Spruce trees in it.
  • LOT 9
    SOLD $99,000 plus GST (11.0 acres) Lot 9 is a private hideaway in the thick trees, which could be cut for mountain views, logs/lumber, and to simply open things up for more sunlight and space. Mostly level or gently sloping. Borders crown/government land to the south. Access could easily be made unto an old forestry road heading into the hills and mountains.
  • LOT 10
    SOLD $139,000 plus GST Lot 10 is the largest of all the lots at 14.7 acres, and it has many desirable features: mostly level with a large grassy private building site, timber for building material, wild strawberries, and a better view of the Marble range Mountains once trees are cleared. It has road access to the crown/government land it borders to the south and west, and then also to Marble Range Park and the mountains.
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