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BC Land Lots & Acreages

We are committed to delivering quality development projects and seeing them through from start to finish to ensure full client satisfaction.

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A country loving real estate development firm with an eye on the future.

A large percentage of the general population would like to live in the country, but only a small number of us actually do.


We as a real estate development firm are always on the lookout for sub dividable pieces of rural land, so that more people can bring to life their dream of country living.


We try to buy land that has a special beauty, that people will be able to fall in love with and call home.


We value good views, privacy, beautiful surroundings, and breathing country air.

Client Feedback

Our customers tell us we do a beautiful job on our subdivisions. Lots and driveways are laid out to allow for maximum privacy and views. Trees and all green growth are respected and valued, and lakes and waterways are kept clean and undisturbed. We make small RV and future building areas, and leave the majority of trees as is. Then, the new owner can enjoy the greenery and decide over time what areas are cleared, or left in the way nature grew.